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frozen youview dtr-t1000

My old BT Vision box died and was replaced one week ago by Youview Humax DTR-T1000. All well for 5 days, then started freezing etc. Numerous factory resets over weekend occasionally restored service, but not for long. Box now apparently stuck for over an hour in Maint Mode "Internet/USB recovery" - "progressing"  - how long should this take?  btw, the Factory Reset options just won't start when selected. Any ideas, anyone? I've done reboot/recycle of router/modem etc - all to no avail

An engineer is coming later in the week, but I'd like to at least have temporary service, even if only to see tonight's football.  


As an aside, can anyone advise if refund possible/likely for loss of service (mainly Sky & BT sports) for which I pay subscription, but due to faulty boxes have had hardly any service recently? 


Many Thanks

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Re: frozen youview dtr-t1000

What was the outcome of this.

I had my old Youview box replaced last month (a painful experience), and the new one is even worse.

Want to see if there's anything I could do before wasting half an hour of my life on the phone to an Indian call centre again.

Currently sat on "Progressing..." in Maintenance Mode for about an hour now.


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