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happy 6th birthday to my internet woes



If you wish to skip to the current problem at this precise time feel free to skip down, I just thought if I provide everything then there's a greater chance someone might see the problem. The red writhing contains the current problem. Also I apologise for all the colours but hopefully its less boring than just black and white:P



  Hello, my name is Morgan Owen. Im a 17 year old student living in the countryside in Bedfordshire. 

I am making a post about the problems I've been having with my broadband. I have tried a lot to fix them and I am starting to get very upset and frustrated over it, and rightly I believe as I'm not exaggerating in the title, so I have decided to make a complete log of my problem in an attempt at keeping my sanity. I also know this is long but i want to get everything down and i have tried to format it as well as possible.


As for me although not majoring in networking I have taken some very beginner courses in networking at an attempt to understand the set-up of the internet and my background is deeply intertwined with technology and computing. I have tried to learn as much as I can and apologise if im wrong about any points that i raise as i do not profess to know everything but I do at least feel I have at least some competence when it comes to technology and the internet.


I will say here I am not the actual bt account holder, however i am his son and act on behalf of him as he was suffering from stress from dealing with it.


The Problem With My Internet:



My house is strange in the fact we have 2 connections, we always have and it has never been a problem. at one end downstairs we have a AOL connection point and it is ok. its at a steady 1-MB connection which is by no shot of the imagination good but its stable and considering where I live acceptable and usable. My Bt connection point is at the other end and is completely separate. 


We have changed several things over the years and only recently in the past (roughly) two and a half years got a bt homehub. we origionally had one of the older ones and it was linked directly to the acess point. It provided wirless for 2 computers and a laptop. 


However, on a recent occasion I got told by an engineer that the root of my problems was almost certainly the homehub as it was old and known to have problems. this prompted us to get a new one. We found the only way to get a new router despite and engineer saying we needed one and writing it up in his report was to enter into a new contract. This would mean a new 12 month more expensive contract in order to get a piece of bt kit that was apparently bad. We did so under the spoken conditions it would work as intended and we would receive our proper connection speed.... it didnt work. This means now our set-up is slightly different and we use a bt 2.0 A home hub.


This home hub has been in a lot of different set-ups. in each case the home hub was left for roughly 4-5 days to allow for stabilization. I have tried having it directly linked to the connection point, moved higher, lower, closer, away from electrics, reset it, into the master socket, at different settings and any advice given to me about placement. I am sure you can sympathize however that waiting 4 days every time to check if its made a difference is excruciatingly grinding on the nerves of a student.


I have over the course of our problems with the internet had 3 engineers round my home who have verified the set-up is ok and correct, I have done as much reading as a slow internet allows on proper setup, have had 2 friends who are in there final year studying network maintenance look over it and a independent specialist. They have all found slight fault or things that could be deemed "non textbook" but nothing that makes a slight difference to performance.





(at this point I would like to also say I'm only 17 so the past 6 years is a large chunk of my life so my sincere apologese I cant provide exact times or years)

We have never had super fast broadband. We live in a part of the country that is just never going to be considered commercially viable to upgrade the line quality. That is mildly annoying to me but i can see it makes complete business sense. From the start we received around a 1MB connection which was a little slow to do things but was relatively stable. Since then we had irregular crashes but nothing too serious. untill.... the internet wouldn't work at all. for about a week we were stuck without a connection waiting for a engineer to try and fix the line. When he arrived he said the wires had been broken or i cant really remember but said he could just switch it over to another line that was leading to our house. This surprisingly worked with only a few occasional hiccups. and also to my great surprise we were getting 2MB's or more! however there would be problems and when it went slow it would be slow for about a week and a half until it would resume. although inconvenient this didn't seem to be a problem as it was only occasional.


After a problem with the next door neighbours phone line about half a year latter a engineer concluded there was some faulty wiring in the box outside our house causing us to sometimes hear each others phone lines? (information goatherd from neighbours not the actual engineer) but this was resolved as far as i can tell.


Now after this and in all honesty im not sure of the time span, is when all the major problems started..

The current problem

I recently have found out we had our line switched from a set 2Mb's to a  (I forget the name however it was explained to me as a line that will transfer as fast as the quality allows) line and i recently havce come to suspect that was the start of our real troubles.


We started having week after week of poor connection. And I would like to make this clear, to most my friends the max we've ever had (4MB's is a poor connection) but when I say poor I mean around 0.07MB's. The lowest being around 0.03MB's which meant anything on the net was completely and utterly unusable. The other AOL line wasn't effected so i left it and decided to try and sit it out. after a few weeks it went up to around 2.5MB's which was amazing! i could actually watch videos! I was ready to sing Bt's praises at actually trying to better our internet despite the fact we live semi remotely.


However the next morning it had fallen to 0.1MB's again. This remained the pattern  of events with an extended period of in all honesty unusable internet speeds and then a small window of around 2-3MB's. This is when I started ringing Bt. Im sure many of you know as a company Bt can be frustrating to get help from and constantly try and offer you stupid advice. after a few weeks of going through "please check your router is plugged in" and "sir please note that speed tests can be effected by the performance of your computer" I was getting fed up but finally managed to get a engineer sent out.


Engineer visit one (well one for this current problem): Unfortunately I was at school so couldn't actually talk to him. I had to wait about half a week and on arriving back from school the day he came was met with the same poor internet. My mum had told me that hed shown her there was no problems and he'd climbed the pole outside and checked the internal setup and it had all been fine. This unfortunately had been one of the short periods of good internet we received so despite missing it the engineer had come at the rare time we were getting a speed above 1MB. he wrote a report and told us to check some things if it ever came back and left.


I got back on the phones after realising it hadn't worked and was  back on the phones to bt asking if they had another solution. It was confirmed there was a problem and they'd try to resolve it. It was at this point i decided to do some research of my own. but before finding anything of use was rung by bt and told my internet would be fine in 3 days and 18 hours (allowing a stabilisation period). and i thought that was it they'd fixed the problem, done.


3 days 18 hours passed and it did work again, for about 3 days. then fell to a  pathetic 0.13Mb's. This was about the point I started losing faith so asked my friends and finally a independent specialist for help. none could find anything obviously wrong with what they had access to except when a friend was looking at my ADSL stats he pointed out a straneg thing.


my downstream was 3000kb/s yet i was getting an actual speed of 0.13Mb/s. I didn't know what this meant but was told it wasn't right and on my behalf he was on the phones to BT. after relaying the obvious problem, The people call centre decided to send another engineer over. 


Engineer Visit Two: I insisted on staying so I could talk to the engineer this time as I was keen to understand the problem. He turned up on time and was very pleasing and over all very nice and helpful (which bt, if any one from bt is reading this is one thing you do very well, your engineers are very nice ^^). However the first thing he did was check the line and literally turned to me shocked and said "Your lines fine, it says you've got over a 3MB connection which is a lot more than most people living around here". I explained that it wasn't what we were actually getting and after trying to actually visit any web page or do anything he realised the extent of my problem. After more time poking around he concluded there wasn't any problems with the line (as he was a bt reach engineer) and so there was nothing he could do, however he did ring the exchange. he asked them to check and found out that my speed had been DE-THROTTLED ,not because of misconduct but because my line quality had dropped and it was trying to preserve connection, and that this automated response might be the reason for the cyclic nature of our problem. Before he left however he looked at the home hub and told me they always had problems with that model and it was most likely the cause of the problem. he then said he'd write it up in a report and we should ring bt to try and get a new one. However as shown above this just locked us into a contract for 12 months for something we didn't need or want =(


I should also say at this point as this particular engineer was shocked to hear it that we very rarely to never had problems with our connection as far as being able to connect was concerned. I play on-line game and own a xbox  so would be quite sensitive to sudden disconnections or failure to connect.


 After this i decided the call centres were getting me no where so I tried looking for more on the bt website. i am truly sorry to rant, but, honestly for an internet company surely it is a truly terrible idea to make most the resources for people having problems with there internet have to sit and wait for bt's media rich hel sites to load up only be told to watch a video or open an on-line chat or download a bt helper?!??! no helpfull!


anyway, I spent the next few weeks talking to people trying to get help and sending emails to bt or trying to ring them again. I asked all my friends, strangers, people on on line games and forums for there help or opinions but to no avail. I even added some posts here, which although bitter stated what i had gone through recently but unfortunately got some angry responses about not just blaming bt.


a few months went by and I gave up. I was getting winddows of about a day of 3MB internet and then a week of rubbish. I could still just about use msn but that was all. Then on one partually stress inducing night in which i thought it was a good idea to try and play a co-op game online on my xbox i sent another email to bt, and promptly forgot all about it. 


This brings us to roughly too about a month ago where I got  a phone call from bt telling me the problem should of been resolved, and to my shock it seemed to be! it stayed at 3MB for around a week!!! but then just as hope had blossomed it was massacred by a 0.03 connection speed that made checking my emails difficult.


upset and confused at still having the problem I checked all my adsl stats again. to my surprise the downstream had gone down to 700kbs so at least this time I wasn't taunted by a large downstream! 😛 however the same spiking pattern resumed of a day or two of OK internet followed by poor internet, but this time with a changing downstream and connection issues. It will quiet often cut out or say broadband is unavailable. and in short is more unusable than ever.


this prompted another email and to give credit to bt they phoned me several times which i unfortunately missed (was practising for my driving test, which i passed!:D) but when they did get hold of me they told me the problem had been resolved and i was shocked at once by there efficiently. however after another almost week of good internet it died again. which leaves me here.

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

Current problem description

I have  a low (roughly 0.03 -0.3 mb connection) which is inconstant and has a down stream of around 700kb/s. it often disconnects and has a high ping/latency making everything undo-able. However the upload is rarely to never effected. I have a few short intervals where it is ok but not in any time correlation with each other. Also usually when the speed is ok my ping will go much higher, around 100-200 usually, which is double to tripple what it normally is.



As of 9:00 on 15/10/2010 these are my adsl stats


Line state	Connected
Connection time	0 days, 10:24:33
Downstream	704 Kbps
Upstream	448 Kbps
ADSL settings
VPI/VCI	0/38
Type	PPPoA
Modulation	ITU-T G.992.1
Latency type	Interleaved
Noise margin (Down/Up)	24.5 dB / 20.0 dB
Line attenuation (Down/Up)	50.0 dB / 31.5 dB
Output power (Down/Up)	17.2 dBm / 12.3 dBm
Loss of Framing (Local)	5
Loss of Signal (Local)	4
Loss of Power (Local)	0
FEC Errors (Down/Up)	925 / 0
CRC Errors (Down/Up)	5 / 2147480000
HEC Errors (Down/Up)	nil / 0
Error Seconds (Local)	243
Hide Details		

 bt test result returns:


 Download speedachieved during the test was - 114 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speeds is 50-250 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :0 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 0 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 135 Kbps


(which i am confused about as surley having recieved a connection of 4Mbs at times that is what my line is actually capable of?) currently returns


Ping: 58ms




(my upload is triple my download lol!) currently returns


0% packet loss

55ms ping 

jitter of 7ms 

and a overall quality of B



This is a list of things I have done to try an remedy the problem:


  • Over 50 hours on the phone to different people including bt.
  • 2 engineers specificily looking for this problem, more in the past who have seen the stup of our network and not found fault.
  • 2 university final year students looking for the problem
  • an independent specialist 
  • 3or 4 emails to bt
  • 3 forum posts
  • movement of hardware
  • change of software
  • new contracts



In short i am lost and losing hope. Im aware this was long and if you actually read it i am incredibly grateful. If anyone could fix it, or even point in the right direction i would be sooo thankful. I am aware im nto an expert but I think considering other obligations i have i have invested alot of time into trying to resolve the itnernet problem for my family.


Please, leave any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

finally I apologise for any mistakes in either information and or spelling.



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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

I'm no expert but your noise margin is astronomical. BT use what's known as an IP Profile for our lines. Because you have a noisy line your IP profile has been automatically lowered to try and give you a stable line.


Do you have a crackly phone line ? Pick the phone up and dial one number so it's quiet... Is there any crackling ?

An MSCE in computing is like having a McDonalds Certification in World Cuisine, pointless.
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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

no there isn't, but i've got a wireless phone.. will that make a differnce?


and ive been told time and time again its nothing to do with the line 😞 (im not saying your wrong im just saying do you have any ideas on what i can suggest to someone next time they tell me its not a open reach problem?)

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

That's a lot of typing there friend.  You really poured your heart out!   I really feel for you, as it sounds like we're suffering similar issues, though mine have only started happening recently.

I really hope you get a stable and permanent solution to your problem 🙂

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

well living ruraly theres not much to do when your friends are on xbox or msn and your coursework is research or requires me to have 'netbeans' which with my speed would take a couple of millennia to download 😛 so i figured i may aswell provide all the information in one place so at least i had something constructive and place with all the details.


thank you, its very appreciated! i hope yours is fixed soon too.

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

Have you tried a quite line test
dial 17070 option 2 and listen - should hear nothing
best done with old type analogue phone digital will do but may have slight hiss

do not use home hub phone


And I would Contact Mods at
include a link to this topic account number and phone number


They work for BT and are very helpful

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

You've probably worked this out already, but your line is currently too unstable for broadband to work properly.

Repeated disconnections first drives down the IP profile, which can drop as low as 135K.

If the connection continues to drop, the noise margin is increased, but this also slows down the connection.

The quiet line test should show if it's noise on the line, but other problems could be intermittent interference, or a loose wire which keeps disconnecting.
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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

and if it is noise what would the best solution be? how can i fix a noisy line?

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Re: happy 6th birthday to my internet woes

try here first

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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