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have a bt gold package!!

hi all,

wondering if anyone can advise me,

i have bt gold package,which is supposed to be unlimited calls,i know that mobiles cost but i just dont understand why i am still being charged for uk landline calls,im absolutly gobsmacked at the cost my bill will be this month(i changed to gold package before my last bill was paid)as i thought that it would be ok calling landlines,but now im so confused,can anyone please put me in the right direction,since ive been with bt my bills have been horrendous only 1 bill came to the amount that i signed up for and that was the one before my last one.please help!

many thanks

twinbeanie Woman Indifferent

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Re: have a bt gold package!!

Gold package?


I thought that was BT Vision- Do you have BT Vision?


Sounds like there is a bit of confusion here...

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Re: have a bt gold package!!

The only "gold" package I know of is for BT Vision.  Nothing to do with telephone charges.  You need "unlimited anytime".

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Re: have a bt gold package!!

Hi twinbeanies,

Welcome to the forum.

If you have the Unlimited Anytime Plan, calls to landlines will be free for one hour and if you go over the limit you'll be charged at the normal rate. Perhaps this is what's happened?

To avoid this, you can hang up before the 1 hr is up and redial, it'll be free for another hour.

The Gold package does refer to Vision though, I take it you have a bundle with the Vision Gold pack, broadband and the Unlimited Anytime Plan?


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Re: have a bt gold package!!

thank you for replying

sorry i didn't state that i meant i had a gold vision pack,but i do,and it say's that it is unlimited broadband(which i have)and unlimited anytime calls which for some reason i don't have,sorry for the confusion but because it was just the phone that i'm trying to find out about(with-in the gold vision package)i thought i would post to this page.

do you have any idea what i should do?

none of my calls have been more than 30 minutes to landlines(uk)but from the upcoming bill my calls are deffinately not unlimited anytime!!

thanks for any help that is offered,much apprieciated.

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Re: have a bt gold package!!

just thought i would add,i have just looked and it is called a bt gold package

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Re: have a bt gold package!!

It sounds like you have a triple package which included BB3 (unlimited) UAP (unlimited anytime calls) and Gold (vision gold pack) which is £40pm plus line rental if this correct you should have UAP and should call to query why you have been charged and to get this credited back if thats the case.

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