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hh 4 lease requests every hour, even though set to 21 days

hi folks

had this probelm forever but just got fedup with it now

looking at the event log, I'm get lease requests every hour (even though its been set to 1 day, 5 days, 21 days)

on most of my devices its no probelm but on my TV box it causes a stall for 9 secs each time there is a lease request

all my devices are on DHCP (just easy really) but the familys mobiles need to be on DHCP for when they are away from home

I've changed the TV box from DHCP to Static but its affected by the Lease requests and stalls for 9 secs

the TV box and Laptops/computers are hard wired with 3 mobiles & a Tablet wireless

is this a known fault on the HH4,

the lease times in the DHCP table shows as 01:15:46:06 etc for the devices connected

but the lease requests were 1 hr ago,  1.30 hrs ago,  6,40 hrs ago (that was 2340 last night)

how can lease time in DHCP show as 1 day + connected, but event log shows Lease requests roughly every hour


I'm now thinking about trying another router (netgear)

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Re: hh 4 lease requests every hour, even though set to 21 days

If you change the TV box to static IP address, that address needs to be outside of the DHCP range to avoid the problem.


Choose an address from to


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Re: hh 4 lease requests every hour, even though set to 21 days

I had it on a static address but it still stalled when the event log says a lease request occurred

it was not named on the event log, (the DHCP connected devices were named) at the lease request


so it appears that the lease request not only affects the devices on DCHP, but also this TV box on a static connection

could it be that all devices need to be static ?

why if the lease time is set to 1 day or 5 days or 21 days do i have lease requests every hour ?



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