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high phone bill usage = spam calls?

Seem to have expensive phone bills each month, at least higher than i would expect.
When I queried this BT tell me I'm connecting to peoples phones who are not picking up BUT I get spam calls most other days where in I answer the phone but no one answers.
Are many other people getting similar happenings?
I'm thinking its possibly a screw over and I'm getting charged.
Ive started to log the dates and times so IF I can ever get through to BT I can go through the call costs.
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Re: high phone bill usage = spam calls?

Hi and welcome to the forum.


You should not be charged for any incoming calls.


I'd suggest that you get a handset that has a Caller Display.  Thses calls are a pest, and we are all plagued by them.


There is a BT phone that has a Call Blocker facility which intercepts the calls before you have to answer. The BT 8500 and similar kit prevents intrusion to you, I'd look around and begin to buy the right kit.


If in doubt, dont pick up.  Or, tell them that you are in Madegascar.....................

"Welcome to Royston Vasey - You'll never leave."

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Re: high phone bill usage = spam calls?

You don't pay for incoming phone calls, whether unwanted or not.


Doesn't your BT phone bill go into sufficient detail to work out which calls you are being charged for?  Looking at my recent bills, it goes as far as telling me what numbers I have called, on what dates, for how long, and how much they are charging me for each call.