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hotmail changing to skype

I have been advised that my Hotmail address will be changing on April 8th to include Skype and that charges will be part of this operation.  I also have a BT E mail address and am wondering if I can have any E mails sent to hotmail moved across automatically to my BT address.  I suspect that from April 8th I will cut off and will have to move to somewhere like G Mail but would be interested to hear from anybody with the same problem that I face and how you intend to solve it  Thank U in advance

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Re: hotmail changing to skype

As far as I am aware it is only Windows Messenger which is moving to Skype. This will not affect your hotmail email address and hotmail can still be used as normal. If you don't use Messenger then you should not be affected at all.


See this link


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Re: hotmail changing to skype

Hi irban,


I think the email you received is about Microsoft shutting down their Windows Live Messenger service and transferring you to their Skype service instead as Skype is now part of Microsoft.


You should still be able to use your existing Hotmail/Live/Outlook email address and account by going to either: .


If you would like to have your hotmail emails forwarded to your BT Yahoo email account then you can do this by (This is for the new outlook webmail format, different formats may be different)  :

1) going to and logging into your Hotmail/Live/Outlook account.

2) click Settings

3) click More Mail Settings

4) Under all the mail setting headers, choose Email forwarding

5) Then follow the instructions on email forwarding


Hope that helps,


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: hotmail changing to skype

Here is another link with frequentlty asked questions and answers regarding this

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Re: hotmail changing to skype

Thank U. have kept your E mail in a file in case I need to take action on April 8th
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