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how long will it take to swap to bt?

i am currently with post office up to 8meg, I want to swap to bt, how long will this take? also how long will i be without internet? i was going to go for infinity when it was in my area but the date has changed from december 31st 2012 to march 31st 2013, how long would it take to migrate to infinity from normal bt broadband, thanks

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Re: how long will it take to swap to bt?

If its a simple ADSL migration, then it should not take too long, depending on the availability of an Openreach Exchange Field Technician, to re-jumper your circuit in the exchange, especially if you are on an unbundled service with your current ISP.


Its very important to get a MAC code from your current ISP, as this should avoid any long periods without Internet access.


When you place an order with BT, you will be asked for your MAC code. You should then get a good idea when the changeover should take place.


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