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how much is bt complete wifi?

My understanding is that it's £10.00 extra a month, or £5.00 a month if you're a bt plus customer. I'm on 80/20 and i'm on bt plus. I can't find anywhere to add complete wifi online, if someone could post a link to it that would be great. How come when i ring up, I get quoted an extra £10.00 a month?

Also, I'm thinking of upgrading to the ultrafast. This is an extra £5.00 a month, or £12.00 extra a month if I want this and complete wifi. Surely this should be £10.00 extra a month? (£5.00 ultrafast + £5.00 complete wifi). Could I not upgrade without complete wifi and then add it on for £5.00 extra a month, considering the ultrafast includes bt plus?

Here the prices are clearly outlined by BT themselves:

Please could someone clear this up, can you add complete wifi to any package for £5.00 or £10.00 a month, or does it vary by customer to customer. This is all very confusing, thanks for your help.

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Re: how much is bt complete wifi?

@Hithere123 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, Complete wifi is normally £10 on top of our standard pricing but it really depends on what package you order and if there is a deal available for you as an existing customer. 

I'd recommend that check out this complete wifi page online and login using your BT ID details to see what available to you. 

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Re: how much is bt complete wifi?

hi neilo i'm not trying to catch bt out here or anything like that i'm just considering getting complete wifi and maybe as well. can you explain why in that first link i posted that bt said it's only £5.00 for bt plus customers, which i am, but you're saying it's £10.00? this is all really confusing.

when i follow that link it took me here:





so not only do i have no option for ultrafast fibre 1 plus, or ultrafast fibre 1 plus + complete wifi, i also have no option for superfast fibre plus with complete wifi?

so i'm considering upgrading my speed and to complete wifi, assuming i can't downgrade, i just want to know how much it will cost for:

superfast fibre plus + complete wifi,
ultrafast fibre 1 plus,
ultrafast fibre 1 plus + complete wifi,
ultrafast fibre 2 plus,
ultrafast fibre 2 plus + complete wifi

i would just go for the top plan but i don't need that but say it's not much more than the plan before, then i might just go for that. is it just the case of whatever's in your personalised offers, that's all you can pick from, and if you want something else, then just ring up?

i'm really sorry for this long post but this is really messing with my head now, i'm really confused thanks a lot for your help

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Re: how much is bt complete wifi?

Hi @Hithere123 I know, it's difficult for me to answer as I don't have access to your personalised offers via the community forum. But yes you're correct if adding complete wifi to an existing package that has BT plus already it should be £5 per month more I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous post.

Complete wifi with BT Plus is £10 per month extra on top of the normal price of that plan but there are personal offers that include discounts so I think you'd be best speaking to our Value team and they will be able to give you a definitive answer as to what's available for you, you can reach them 150 from your landline and ask for value.

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