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hub resetting and slow speeds YET AGAIN

Hi guys,


Been about a month or two since i spoke here last time and today i want to speak about the same issue again. As of yesterday my hub has been restarting itself and it's really annoying  since it was fixed a month or two ago and its doing it again... Last time this happened I had 4 engineer visits which didn't do anything apart from the last visit where the guy called some centre and told them to clear my "fault" in their system or something similar to that, onto the point now after that call everything was magically fixed and i was back up to 8 megs like usual for me with no hub resets since! 


connecting to master socket didnt do a thing last time so im not even gonna bother with it this time, im not gonna bother with engineer visits aswell since im going abroad soon. Speeds are terrible as expected due to ip profile dropping because of the "fault". My question to you is what should i do now in order to get it fixed straight away instead of going through the process of million calls to india etc.. 

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Re: hub resetting and slow speeds YET AGAIN

You could always contact a moderator and see if they can help,


If you click on KerryG's name at the top of the forum the profile text gives the current contact webpage info.

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