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huge complaint

how do i get BT to call me back to finally resolve my complaint.

In summary - ive been charge for over 2 years for a service I disconnected, in a house i no longer live in. BT have the call, have the notes, can see that I moved out in October 2017 - but still direct debited my until last month! I only noticed due to having to check a SPAM filter for a mobile PAC code, and seeing all these unopened bills from BT.

Complaint raised on the 6th June, service cancelled 11th July 2019  - and i have been promised calls back from senior managmenet several times, but each time, guess what - no call.

if this isnt resolved today I am taking this to the press/Martin Lewis/ etc etc... BT have over charged me over £1000 and seem to be doing all they can to ignore me..

Any help appreciated

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Re: huge complaint bt ceo telling him your bt say you want elc(executive level complaints) investigation.step3.ask for subject information request.step4.after you have information and problem still not resolved contact paper.step5.if problem still not resolved to to county court(small claims,this is a long process,always call bt as then the calls are recorded if they call you back they ain't and you will have no proof,good luck

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Re: huge complaint

You could also try your bank and ask for a direct debit indemnity form (I think that’s the name).

It’s a form to deal with an unauthorised direct debit. 
Some banks are more helpful than others with things like this though.

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Re: huge complaint

I forgot to put in my comment you said you would like to go to the press,the mirror is the best paper for consumer problems they will print your story and wait to see if you win at court then they will do a follow up piece,also if it gets to small claims the court is open to public and while it is illegal to record in the court the outcomes are public record and after the national papers have run the story your local papers might want an interview as well which would help if you then want to see your local mp as they want friendly relations with local press

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Re: huge complaint

Hi @kempy1978 Thanks for posting and welcome to the community forums, I'm really sorry to see you have cause to complain. The moderation team will be happy to get this looked into if you send over your details.

I've sent you a Private Message with info on how you can get in contact with the mod team.

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