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iPad e-mail

Hi there


I can receive e-mail but not send any, I have deleted my account and reset it up, and I have checked that the settings are the same as quoted on your website as:


Host Name:

User Name: my user name

Password:   my password

Use SSL is checked

Authentication is password

Server Port is 465


Please help this is the third time that this has happened to me and deleting and resetting up has not helped this time.

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Re: iPad e-mail

If you can, you are best to set up the email on the tablet manually rather than using a wizard.


When setting it up you need to decide if you want to use IMAP or POP. Once you have decided use the settings in this link. Make sure that you enter your username and password in both the incoming and outgoing servers. If it is offered, don't use the option "use same as incoming". You may have to enter your full email address ie. in the username, not just the prefix ie xxxx before the,6588,6591


See link for settng up email guide.






Server incoming and out going:


Email user name: (Normally you only need the prefix of your email address but some users have found the need to enter their full email


Password: Your BT email password.


Log on using clear text authentication


Out Going Server in requires Authentication (Use same as incoming mail server. Some users have found that they need to enter the password and username instead of ticking box “use same as incoming mail server” )


Outgoing Port : 465 SSL security


Incoming Port : 995 SSL security



Same as above except for Incoming Port: 993 SSL security

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Re: iPad e-mail


if you go settinngs>mailcontacts>select the mail account>account>outgoing mail server>do you see a primary and other smtp servers? are any "on"

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