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imap problem

I have been using windows live mail for years and finally given up trying to get it to work with btinternet anymore so looking at different email clients yet each one i've tried today says having issues connecting due to IMAP problems, my iphone is connecting fine just the clients on the laptop.

Can anyone tell me what i'm doing wrong.



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Re: imap problem

I'm still using WLM for some IMAP accounts ok.

Make sure you are using port993 with SSL.

Have you looked at Claws Mail as an alternative client?

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Re: imap problem

Hi, I've got all the imap setting set up fine, WLM with Btinternet has been **bleep**e for a while now, if it wasnt for being able to access emails from my iphone it would be a bigger problem.

I tried setting up windows10 mail, outlook and em client the other day but I just kept getting the same message saying a server problem.

If it was a free service it would be ok but keeping a bt email address costs money now so I am expecting a better service but never get any help or answers off BT.

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