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incorrect password

I am using a HH6 and suddenly got a message "incorrect password" I was entering it correctly.

Anyway to cut a long story short I did a factory reset which worked however being lazy and to avoid having to set up everything again I tried to change my password back to my original one (the one I set when I got the hub a couple of years ago) it would not allow me to as it said "insecure password".

I don't know if there has been a recent update, to prevent passwords it thinks are insecure, but the log does not show one. Or possibly it does not allow repeat passwords but surely if that is the case the factory reset would have reset the count.

Just confusing and time consuming.

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Re: incorrect password

when that message appears can you not continue anyway and just ignore the warning

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Re: incorrect password

No it refuses to let me past that point, there was no such warning when I first set it up or I would have tried a different one. The password I set was quite complicated and followed the format of the BT original one.
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