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Re: infinity 2 - Question about speed

Wireless is your own problem, 802.11n is much faster then b.
There isn't a bottleneck in BT's network, it's probably more an issue with servers being throttled. Try some other locations and
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Re: infinity 2 - Question about speed

Thanks for the suggestion.  Here are some result for other servers :


milton keynes   39.12 / 11.88

london, namesco  41.36 / 6.34

 london, virtual internet  42.14 / 15.69

conventry, warwicknet 42.16 / 16.02


Whilst slightly better these are still not even close to the BT results.


I got 22.15 / 15.83 with speedtest mini on out webserve, based by Memset in Reading.



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Re: infinity 2 - Question about speed

Wireless is only a problem when I'm not on a wired connection, with wireless turned off.  I previously posted about the wifi issue after BT tech support and 2 vists from Openreach engineers could not fugure out why our speed was limited to a maximum of 23 meg!


You would think that Openreach engineers would could across that issue often!!!! I finally fingered out that issue myself!



Thanks for the other speed test i get 52268k / 14429k, so thats an improvement!






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Re: infinity 2 - Question about speed

I've had strange results from ever since I had Infinity installed about 10 days ago.

The BT checker says I'm getting aroung 85-95mb down (FTTP) and about 8-10mb up (up seems low, but not really bothered about that) but speedtest, apart from the very first day, has only ever given me 25-40mb down and 8-11 down, whichever server I use.

I've posted the BT results here and the consensus is that my stats and IP profile all look as the should.

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