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infinity 2 slow

i have infinity 2 since dec 2015, new line from cabinet to pole to house to socket speed was just over 60mb it has now dropped to 40 to 44 mb ,and in my bt offer i was offered infinity 2 at £49.44 for twelve month contract  bt chat to india are useless can you tell me about the speed drop and the offer as its confusing

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Re: infinity 2 slow

First and foremost this is a customer to customer support forum althought the moderators are BT employees.


Normally they won't get involved unless we can't help you so I'll do my best but will ask you to provide further info but nothing relating to you account as this is a public forum.


Let's deal with your contract issue first. As it is over 12 months then the contract has run it's course and you are now on what's known as a 30 day rolling contract.


This means you are on the same price agreed when you first took out your contract unless BT have informed you of an increase, normally either via post or your BT email address. It could be that they dropped you an email and you may have missed it as your contract ended Dec 2016. The only upside to this is that you can cancel your service at any time without penalty as long as you give 30 days notice.


Now to your speed problem, it is possible that as more people have signed up to Infinity on your cabinet that you are effected by crosstalk which will reduce you speed, we need to prove this is the case though.


So can you enter your phone number HERE and post a screenshot of the result. Make sure you remove your phone number before posting.


Next access the HH5 GUI and post lines 1 - 12 from Troubleshooting/Helpdesk.


Oncew you've done that either I or someone else will get back to you to advise further.