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infinity estimated speeds

Hi all


ok i know a fair amount on adsl and vdsl as am active user of the plusnet forums i know of the crosstalk effect that will effect vdsl when more users are active at the cab and such other snips of knowledge.


I would like to find out what others have got sync wise (which cant be obtained on the openreach modem) so guess you all go on speedtest's unless like at PN you can get a staff member to run a line test to gain the sync speed info as they are still in trial phase


what i want is what people who got 16-17mb ball park fig down 6mb up on estimates on the checker, what speeds are you seeing now your live?


as i've heard the fttc est's have been done a bit lower to insure less false hope for customers



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Re: infinity estimated speeds

My Estimate was @ 22mb down 10 mb up, I receive about 33 mb on average 25 mb lowest 38 mb highest download, my upload seems to stay constant @ 7 mb

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Re: infinity estimated speeds

Estimated was 22 for me when conected I got 38 its gradualy fallen to 22 though overtime. Modem resets its self every 2 weeks or so to a slower speed.

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Re: infinity estimated speeds

so looking at your 2's est's i would say a good equation would be max of an extra 10mb on the checker est and then say between the 16mb checker est and the upper limit of 26mb and any where between that would be my stable sync rate.


am going to be running 2 lines, one currently adsl with post office on the end of a massive 63+db attention till contract end in march and the infinity unlimited + anytime calls and free new line install.


so even if there is issues with the new infinity product i can still get online to RANT

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