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infinty dropping out

HI really starting to go off BT and fed up with the edited by mod at the other end of the phone in india


I had infinty istall 14th of feb 2013 i am not to far from my cab about 100 yeards the 16 floors up for 13 months i had a great stabe line getting 75 down and 19 up then last sunday i was about to start rading in EQ2 and i got kicked of game and the team speak server Teamsspeak would reconnect after about 2-30 secons.


the same happened to following evening also my speed had dropped to around 50 mb down `11 up so reported the fault and was told there is a fault and it would be passed to the exchange team to fix i got a text the following day to say it had been fixed so when i got home that evening i run a test to find i was now getting 24mb down but full speed up again at 19 so again another frustrating call to BT trying to arrange a engineers vist to cut a long story short fter being told they would arrange onw on saturday i got a phone call the following day to say i could not have one on the saturday and i would have to take time off in the week.


the next evening the speed was back up to 75mb down but again started to drop out all the tie


the Engineer called today was horrified to see that the old adsl face plate had not been changed by the sub contractor that instaled the service he replaced it check a few other things and everything seemd good about 40 mins after he left it started dropping out again every 2-3 mins i asked for a replacment modem of HH5 but was told i had to have a openreach guy come replace the modem and they would not send me a hh5 as i had a 4


now i am in linbo as when i spoke to them to report i was still having issues they told me i had to wait 24 hours after the call today to allow the lne to stablize


i a not sure i can stand another call to the indian call center

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Re: infinty dropping out

Hi Crazier,

Thanks for posting. I can look into this for you. Drop me an email with the details. You'll find the "contact us" form in the about me section of my profile.


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