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Re: ip profile stuck

hi all,

just to update as to progress on my stuck profile issue, a mod kindly contacted me and raised my profile and reduced the noise margin, unfortunately (not sure how significant this is) my line changed from interleaved to fast, which  if understand correctly with a long line prone to problems is a bad thing, any ideas?

Hence it wasnt too long before my profile dropped straight back down to 135kbps, as mentioned i have happily had a profile of 1750 since buying the new hub, so i have contacted the mod again with a request to increase my profile again. The noise margin is good at 6/7, with a throughput speed of 2304kbps, after a connection time of 3 1/2 days.

 Do you think the profile hasnt stayed at 1750 because the mod changed my line to Fast?


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: ip profile stuck

if you still had some of the previous noise problem present then a latency of fast may have just been enough to cause a disconnection

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