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just moved in no phone

hi can someone tell me if its possible for another phone company to stop a line changing suppliers?


just moved into a new property last company that was on the line was sky for phone and broadband i was supposed to be activated on tuesday 


i have broadband but no dial tone on my line 


all i get on the bt website is this.......




There is an issue to the Provision or Completion of your order



could it be that sky have not disconected there phone tag off my line only get 4.5mb and want infinity before chrimbo as the kids have netflix and it will buffer when i connect my bt vision box to it


any ideas??

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Re: just moved in no phone

until that order is complete you will be unable to place any other orders on the line as to Infinity I am sorry to say you are very unlikely to get it installed before Christmas as there have been a few forum posts recently about Installs being done in late January and February due to the number of orders
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