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lack of trained support agents!

Hi all


To start with im a pretty savvy computer user.


When contacting BT and asking about thier unlimited BB i was told by the slaes rep that he had downloaded 500gig a month without restriction and i would not need to worry about a a fup restricting my speed.I asked this because my previous supplier had implented a fup on my line then tried to troubleshoot speed issues for 3 weeks before realising and  telling me about the fup.


Imagine my amazement then to get a restriction for downloading more than 50gig(about 2 years ago)


Until the last 3-4 weeks i have suffered with speed issues constantly(23 mnoths).In those 23 months it has taken over 50 phone calls,3 engineer visits,5 conversations with managers,about 15 promised call backs of which over 10 didnt happen.


An example of 1 support issue i had personally and seems to be typical of the way tech support operate.

This support request was about net protect plus picking up flase positives.


After calling support and going through the issue i had with the first support rep which took about 10 mins and 5 explanations i got transfered to the security department.


The support rep i spoke to here wanted to remotely connect to me to start with after i explained loosely what the issue was.He then asked me to try launching the game.I replied i cant as the file is quaranteened in net protect plus.He then loaded the mcafee interface and could niot find the quaranten section.(A TRAINED SECURITY SUPPORT AGENT!).He then asked me to try launching the game anyway.So i went to the website i use for this(metaboli a legit subscription based service)and nothing happened.NO WARNING from mcafee that it has blocked anything and the game did not launch.Then with out asking me the security support agent uninstalled mcafee restarted my system and asked me to launch the game.HMMMM i thought at this pointas i needed to be connected to the net to launch the game.I expressed my concerns at this point and was told it is ok windows firewall will be on by default.I there fore decide to try to launch the game.When launching i explained to him as this game was downloaded it might take 5 mins to lunch the first time as it would need to unpack files.Ok he said.I then went to grab a cup of coffee.


When i returned the so called securtiy support agent decided to go and surf the net with my computer.That is bad enough that he is using my connection and computer to surf but is made a whole lot worse when you bear in mind he himself has just uninstalled my security software so there is none installed.I was furious at this point and rightly so!!!.Shortly after i returned the game launched fine and the agent then reinstalled my mcafee.He then asked me to try and launch the game a 3rd time which i duely did and yet again nothing happened.NO WARNING from mcafee and the game did not launch.He then loaded the mcafee interface put me on hold for 4-5 mins and asked his supervisor to have a look.The supervisor then found the quaranteen section and the file was picked up as an artemis......The supervisor then tried to send it away to mcafee but the file was too big.He also told me it must be a virus as mcafee had given it a name and not to play it.I then asked why mcafee had given me no warning at all and was told it was not possible to get mcafee to notify me.


After this conversation i decided to check up on the virus name etc to find out some info.I found that the artemis name given to the virus is a prefix for when the scanner thinks a program has been acting in a suspect manner and it might be a flase positive.If i goto the settings in mcafee and turn off scan for unknown viruses the scanner ignores the game and allows it to launch.


Im somewhat perplexed as to why

1.A so called BT trained security support agent would act in such a manner and put a customers computer at risk like he did

2.why does BT net protect plus not notify the end user when items are blocked(not during a virus scan)

3.Why is there no way to add exceptions


I complained after this and was offered 1 month free time but It really amazes me that a big company like BT have not after all the feed back left on these foums actually done something constructive with thier support service.It is a complete joke at best when SO CALLED TRAINED agents can operate and do act in this manner.


I had an almost identical situation today with support india so it would seem BT have learnt no lessons since my original complaint some 8-9 mnths ago.What is the good of complaining if you are not going to learn from it.Do bt really think customers like to complain just for the sake of it????I have far better things to do with my time so come on BT please sort it out!!


sorry for the ammount of text but i felt i had to give my complaint some context

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Re: lack of trained support agents!

Hi bifta,

First of all welcome to the forum.

I am glad you were able to find a solution to this though I am sorry for the problems you've had with the helpdesk as they weren't able to get it sorted on their end.

I have fed back the experience you had with this particular problem and if there's anything we can look into for you get in touch, we're here to help.

Many thanks,

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