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leaving and getting phone unlocked

My phone is locked to BT and I am planning on leaving at the end of my current contract on 29th Jan

I want to leave on that date so need my phone unlocked but says I will be charged £8.99 fir unlocking before that date.

I also want a pac code to move to new supplier but that also says I will be charged if I ask for it before my contract ends

Question is how do I leave at the end of my contract without incurring charges? Don't want pay an additional month because my phone is locked or the £8.99 to get it unlocked before I leave. Catch 22 it seems

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Re: leaving and getting phone unlocked

Hi @mgrowe, I'm sorry to see you're thinking of leaving. If you want your phone unlocked by BT before your minimum contract term has finished there is an £8.99 charge, I'm afraid this can't be avoided however if you wait until the contract has expired there is no charge to unlock the phone as it then belongs to you.

You can request a PAC code for free at any time and they stay valid for 30 days, the only charge that could result from this would be if you used it to leave BT mobile before the contract has ended.

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