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line dropping and not reconnecting since line upgrade

Please Please any ideas

I received an email via my email account to say my line was being upgraded on 2 Feb. Fine, however by the 15 Feb I noticed it kept dropping the connection I monitored it and rang BT, 19/2 engineer out, nothing wrong in the house (I knew that as I had an engineer out in Dec)  it dropped at least 3 times that day with loss of connection for at least 5 mins whilst it was trying to connect.

22 Feb engineer out to check the phone line - that was ok

I reset my hub changed all the filters but still dropped at least 6 times that day and after receiving phone calls

23 Feb dropped at least 11 times, need to reset hub to reconnect dropping during phone calls this is after an Engineer in the exchange did work to move my line between equipment

24 Feb dropped 5 times again and during calls

25 Feb Engineer out, changed line so master socket in different place, fitted a VS2000? box inbuilt filter stops broadband signal as it enters house, whilst there he caused the line to drop and he couldn't get it to reconnect despite hub having all 3 lights blue, we tried the first version hub and it worked so he decided the hub was faulty despite it being only a month old

I asked for the case not to be closed as until the new router arrived and stabilised we wouldn't know if the fault had been fixed.

well it hasn't the line still drops once an incoming call comes in, and drops for no reason, the only way to reconnect is to reset hub.


i spoke to my next door neighbour who is with Tiscali and they are having the same problem that they have to reset their router to get a connection after the line drops, they don't use their Internet that much so don't know how often it is dropping.

I have contacted the dept last night but because the old case was closed have had to wait for a new case to be opened and actioned.  I have received a call to say an engineer will visit to check my wiring - I explained that the fault wasn't here and thankfully the lady has listened and is trying to get the engineer's dept to work at the exchange or the green box.


As a result of the line keep dropping my speed is back down to what it was before the line was upgraded. they now have said that there is a fault on the line and that they will get an engineer to look at this on Thurs am and may need to enter the premises


Please any help to resolve this would be much appreciated, inconsistent broadband, being available for 5 mornings so far is just not acceptable and not a word about compensating me for all the inconvenience or loss of service.

the engineers know that problems occur after upgrading but no one seems to be able to resolve it.


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Re: line dropping and not reconnecting since line upgrade

sounds like theres something faulty in the circuit between the exchange and your socket, if hte bb drops does picking hte phone up after the phone call and dialing make it re-connect as opposed to forcing a reboot? i used to get that problem when my router was on the way out (cheap sub £10 thing from ebuyer) and soemtimes just lifting the receiver was enoug hto trigger the line re-syncing, sometimes it was restarted by calling and in the last few days my vista pc has started the hub dropping the dsl connection on boot/shutdown, then again it used to happen on wakeup although patching fixed it, now its happening on any of them, maybe the latest patch did something it shouldnt have.


but i think the best advice right now is wait until the engineer has been out to fault find/repair the problem, if your serious about compensation maybe ask a mod or contact the ceo's office (that contact info is on the main bt website or in your favourite search engine)


but maybe a stupid question, are you refering to normal or voip calls, and are you using a cordless phone or corded one when it happens?

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Re: line dropping and not reconnecting since line upgrade


I'll answer easier questions first, yes using a cordless phone, however, previously plugged in corded one and it still dropped also the new box they have fitted means that the broadband line stops at the master socket and the phone line carries on to my burglar alarm and another point meaning that it can't interfere with the connection even if it was.

not sure about the reconnecting by lifting the phone but will try it next time, the trouble comes when the engineer says but we can see it sending packets from this end.  

you're right about the compensation, the point is that I have had to be available for 5 separate visits from bt engineers and yet so far it is still not sorted

oh and i only have broadband not the talk package so normal phone calls

we shall see what happens tomorrow but the trouble is because you get a new one each time you have to explain each time what has happened so far and hope they don't start from A again.

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