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log in e-mail addresses

since yesterday the e-mail opening issue has been resolved and that is now working fo rme.However I am still left with this issue.Whilst I was trying to access the community board, somehow it set up another entry in the e-mail log in box. I have 3 e-mail addresses in there. However the one that got set up only shows my username and password, ie not an e-mail address. How do I remove it?  When I go onto the manage addresses page, it is not there to remove.

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log in e-mail addresses

since logging into the community earlier today,  my e-mail log in box now shows an entry for the community.However it only shows my username and password.It does not work. I've been into the manage e-mail addresses to delete it, but it's not listed there, so how do I get rid of it.  Alao having the problem others have today in that e-mails now open in a separate window.  Maybe the two issues are related.

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Re: log in e-mail addresses

It is not BT that is causing that. Your browser has auto stored the username and password for you.

You can try right clicking on the one you want to remove and delete it and if that doesn't work you will need to go into your browser's settings and find the password store and remove it from there.

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Re: log in e-mail addresses

Hi @stockdalecarina 

Thanks for your post and welcome back!

Sorry for the problems you're having. Do you mean that when you're trying to log in to your email address the boxes are pre-filled with your log in details for the Community?

When you log in to your email management page what exactly are you seeing.  Click this link and let me know please?  >> BT Email Management << (If you get an error message you may have more than one account associated to your BTID.  Choose your broadband account number and you should see the list of your email addresses).

Which browser are you using that's pre-filling the login credentials?



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