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Re: logging in

It really would help if you told us what browser you are using and what add ons (if any) you are using. Have you tried using a different browser? I find Chrome is best for video streaming although I use Firefox for everything else.
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Re: logging in

I'm using chrome and like I said previously I'm not using any add ons. I will just cancel BT and get my sport elsewhere.

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Re: logging in

You're welcome to cancel if that's your preferred option, however this problem appears to be unique to you, so it'll just be a matter of identifying what setting or software on your PC is causing it. If you could give an answer on my question above about timing, it should help 

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Re: logging in

It's very much not unique to me if you care to check social media and yes I will just cancel. Customer care at BT is non existent.

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Re: logging in

I'm here offering you help. What more can I do?
I've never seen anyone report this before.
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Re: logging in

1) Note that is user on user support forum albeit with BT representatives monitoring and taking on issues when needed;

2) Getting your sport from elsewhere is not much use if that sport is exclusive to BT;

3) Why are people talking about this issue on soshal meeja rather than coming on here for advice and help which would the more natural thing to do?

4) Why are you so reluctant to engage in helping us help you to resolve your issue?

5) I do not know of any others talking about this as an issue either here or elsewhere.