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mastercard a scam

i  feel  completely robbed by  BT  take this out you  will  get  a reward card worth so  much i  went to  use it and it  was declined  hang on a minute you  sold me this  with my deal so  i  believe you  have  basically  conned me all  BT  operator say it nothing to  do with us it  purecard  ---WELL  it  aint  as you  sold with your offer so  basically  you  sold me some thing you  cant  give no want to  pass me to  a supervisor  or  someone in  BT with  commonsense  to  sort this issue out.

SO  at moment be  very  careful with BT offers as the deal aint as  great as it  looks.

Will B  a disappointed  customer

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Re: mastercard a scam

Have you activated your card at and received your pin?

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Re: mastercard a scam


I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: mastercard a scam

Hi @Willb21,

I am sorry to hear that it wasn't working for you. Purecard are the company that manages the card. Did you activate the card when you originally received it? Have you had the card for months but not used it?

Let me know.



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Re: mastercard a scam

I had no problems with mine, went on website activated the card, then went and had a nice meal on BT.


Only problem I have now is finding something to spend the £8.59 left on it.... I wouldn't want to not use it all !!

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Re: mastercard a scam

i have  activated i  got whn i  renew my account with BT  becasue with card  it was same as other where offering with out it it was expensive  i  reg  and got  a pin number went to use it at pcworld for 49.99  and  was refused  the operator didnt say why but told me to contact card ....  not had time as real life to busy  ... 

will try again  soon  and try to update as soon as i  can .


Will B 

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Re: mastercard a scam

yes i  tried to buy from pcworld for 49.99  under £50  and was refused the operator said  contact card ...  not used since only went to BT as card made the service competorable other wouldnt off join as £5 a month more was alot too me .



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