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Did you know you can mention a fellow forum member in your post, and they’ll receive an email letting them know they’ve been named in your post?


This is a handy way of posting a reply to someone and making sure they don’t miss it. Just remember it only works when you’re using the Rich Text tab!


How does it work? All you need to do is simply type their username, preceded by the @ symbol.


Step 1:

Type your message and put the “at” symbol in front of the username.


Step 2:

Type the username in full – a drop-down will appear asking you to click on the correct username:

@mentions 1.png


Step 3:

Once you’ve clicked on the username, it will turn blue with a grey background, and look like this:

@mentions 2.png


@mention notifications

You can also decide how often you want to receive an email notification when someone @mentions you. To customise this, all you need to do is:


Click on “My Settings”:


 @mentions 3.png


Click on the “Subscriptions & Bookmarks” tab:

@mentions 4.png


Go to “Notification Settings”:

@mentions 5.png


And in the “Email Notifications” section, select from the dropdown for forum when you want to be notified (on all posts, or only for the first post in each topic).

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Re: @mentions

Stephanie, when I have gone into my settings it was automatically set to notify. Have you automatically opted evryone in by default?

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Re: @mentions

Hi Stew,


The @mentions notifications are automatically set to notify “immediately” by default, and this goes for all other subscriptions as well (e.g. if you choose to subscribe to a thread or board).


But if you don’t want it/like it, you can change the frequency to daily, weekly, or to none at all via the drop-down:


@mentions 6.png



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Re: @mentions

Ok, thanks. I dont want it so set all mine to "Never".
I would have liked the opportunity to "opt in" rather than have to "opt out"!


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