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merging wholehome wifi and complete wifi

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I've had a 3-disk wholehome wifi set-up working happily for a while now.

I recently upgraded to complete wifi and got my new hub and extender disc. I plugged my wholehome system into this and it carried on working fine.

I'm assuming that they are both mesh systems so, in theory, ought to be compatible but I'm struggling to merge the two.

Assume I have 2 wifi networks:

1. Wholehome - disc 1 is connected by ethernet to the hub, 2 other discs extend from this.

2. Complete - native wifi from the complete Hub

Attempt 1: add complete wifi disc to wholehome... went through the "add new disc" process in my wholehome app. Get as far as "name your disc" but the app fails to find the new disc

Attempt 2: set up Complete network with Hub and new disc. Access admin pages of Hub and use "add new wifi disc" feature. Factory reset one of the wholehome discs and then WPS, per instruction on hub. Hub cannot find disc.

Attempt 3: as per 2, but take after factory reset, take wholehome disc through first set-up stages documented in the wholehome app, until I get solid blue light. Hub still can't find disc.

Any suggestions on what I need to do to end up with a single wifi network using all 4 discs will be gratefully received.


EDIT: or am I missing the point here and I should decommission my wholehome setup and just use the Smart Hub 2/Complete Wifi network (asking for more discs if I need them)?

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Re: merging wholehome wifi and complete wifi

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The two systems are not compatible.

See this post from one of the BT devices team.

You would be best just to decide on one system. If the whole home system is working, then just use that, as it will be cheaper overall.

There was no a advantage in changing the home hub, unless you wanted to use the complete wifi solution, as the new hub can cause issues, as you cannot separate the wireless networks.

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