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missing e-mail folder

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re-organising my inbox, I created a number of folders and moved the relevant mail into them

when I went back to find one, I couldn't see the folder 'Party Wall'

it seems I have accidentally created a sub-folder under 'Utility', because when I try to move mail from my inbox I can see the missing sub-folder in the drop-down menu that appears from 'More>move to>my folders (top right on the screen)

move menu.JPG

but I can't see it in the inbox folders menu (left hand bar on the screen)

inbox menu.JPG

some of these are important records, can anyone help me get the folder back?  😳

I am using webmail on a Windows 10 PC with Chrome 

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Re: missing e-mail folder

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Just expand the Utility folder and drag and drop the errant folders back to where you want them.

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Re: missing e-mail folder

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thanks but when I open the Utility folder all I can see is the relevant mail I moved into it ...
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Re: missing e-mail folder

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oh, I see what you mean ... shame the display isn't consistent with the 'Move' drop down ... thank you so much, the stuff I need is all there
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