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Re: mobile phone keeps disconnecting from wifi

To V_Meldrew, on your question - it never found the 5GHz after I split the bands. Don't know about beforehand, presumably it was only finding the 2.4, when it was working at all that is.

I will post another reply concerning the (disappointing) result of sending it off to 'Samsung Repair'

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Re: mobile phone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Hi m_barber84, well I have the A20e back from Samsung Repair. They use a place called TMT in Stoke on Trent. I had no dialogue or explanation from them but the worksheet with the phone states 'replaced pba'. I understand that this means Printed Board Assembly, which I think is one of the basic components of the phone. 

Having switched the phone on and charged it (they'd run the battery right down) and reloaded everything (they'd wiped it clean) I left it for a couple of hours and the wifi was connected and working. Then, surprise surprise!, the wifi disconnected again. I then left it overnight right next to the router and again it disconnected by morning. The only difference from before is that the wifi  symbol seems to disappear completely from the home screen rather than staying there with an exclamation mark.

There clearly seems to be a defect in the Samsung A20e as it seems incompatible with the BT Homehub4. I will explain what's happened again to Samsung in a chat if I can get through to them and feel strong enough. I just wish Samsung would take ownership of these issues and accept their product is defective and needs to be replaced.

Good luck with whatever actions you take next!

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Re: mobile phone keeps disconnecting from wifi

Thanks for the update. Mine continues to disconnect randomly throughout the day. It must be a very specific HH4 and Samsung a20e issue which doesn't ever sound like it going to get resolved! Guess change phone or hub is only option. Disappointing. 

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Re: mobile phone keeps disconnecting from wifi

I have the same problem with my iPhone 6s and BT sim. I have done everything possible. BT and Apple blame each other. There is no problem with any other device in the house. I am totally fed up not being able to access my own WiFi and being made to use my BT mobile data so it’s a win win for BT so I can’t wait to change provider. 

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Re: mobile phone keeps disconnecting from wifi

if you go to settings then connection, wifi, then 3 dots top right, then advanced then check to see if phone set to switch to mobile data whenever your wifi connection is slow or unstable.  if so turn setting off

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