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moved house. previous owner has diverted existing bt line to his new house.

 Was wondering if someone could help me- tried speaking to BT today, but they didnt understand what I was asking and have just offered to send an engineer, with the associated expense.

Have just moved house into a property where the previous owners had 2 BT lines . Line 1 to main house with points in various rooms, and line 2 which went only to the  study / annexe, and is not linked to the house. They previous owners  have diverted  line 1 to   their new landline phone at new address.  As a result when we ordered a line it could only be connected to line 2 ( ie the annexe), and we will now have to run extensions to the house, despite having  line 1 that comes from the telegraph pole into the house( which is being diverted), or I suppose pay for a brand new line.

My question is whether the previous owners are allowed to divert the line from their old address  to their new address - as I have often been unable to take my number with me when moving , and they have definitely moved to a new exchange area.

Hope you can understand what I'm getting at better than the man at BT today, and advise me 

Many thanks

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Re: moved house. previous owner has diverted existing bt line to his new house.

Not entirly sure I'm with you....


Have the old owner taken their numer with them?


Or have they still got the line and placed a divert or message on it to tell people their new number?


Either way  it just sounds like BT have installed the wrong line for you, It shouldn't be possible to actually take the line to a new exchange area (all the wires, telegraph poles and equipment will still be there), so there shouldnt be a problem with BT restarting the corrcet line for you.


The only problem i could see is if you didnt inform BT when requesting the line orginally of the situation in your house, they could technically ask you to pay a cancelation charge for disconnecting the old/wrong line. But if you did ask them to install the line into main house orginally and they have juts put it into the annex, then they have installed it incorrcetly for you and should have placed it in the correct building and shouldnt have an issue getting it to theb right place.


try calling bcak and hope you get someone who will understand and help you. Or try a moderator here, jut contact them and incude a link back to this thread.


Sorry If i have completely missed the point Smiley Wink





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Re: moved house. previous owner has diverted existing bt line to his new house.


I think the original poster means that they have shifted the line, not diverted it

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