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moving home order messed up?

not sure where to start with this but here goes...


i placed a moving home order 2 weeks ago, phone and broadband were ment to be connected today and an engineer would visit between 8am-1pm.


then i got an email at around 5am saying "You can start using your phone any time. Please note that any calling features you may have ordered may not work for 24 hours." so i got home after work at 7.30 (work nightshift) plugged phone in and it was just dead no dialtone...


then just before 8 i got a txt saying "we are pleased to advise your appointment for today is no longer required our records show that you already have a a phone socket and wiring in your home so we can complete this order without a bt visit" 


at around 9am buzzer goes and its an engineer i told him about the txt and he said ive not heard anything so ill just go about business as usual so he plugs his equipment in to the socket and says he will have to do a line trace to the cabinet to connect me just as he said that his phone went and he was told appointment was cancelled and to just pack up and leave the site he was quite annoyed at that and said im not connected and it would have just been a 15 min job.


when i ring my landline number from mobile it rings and goes to 1571 answer service, i know it says wait 24 hours before reporting a fault but surely something has went wrong somewhere?  


i have sent the above using the contact form just thought id see if anyone else has had similar probs or any thoughts on the matter .

p.s been awake since 1pm yesterday about falling asleep.

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Community Manager
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Re: moving home order messed up?

Hi jgmacd,


I can see that David has replied to your other thread so I'll lock this thread to that all replies can be kept in the one place. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.





Community ModeratorStephanie
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