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moving house - new land line required

I am the account holder for my deaf/blind wheelchair bound brother. Due to a recent deterioration in his health he is moving to a new build sheltered housing complex (all phone wiring and points ready installed for connection of course) . As soon as the tenancy agreement was signed I rang BT to arrange to cancel his existing line and set up his new line - an vital facility for him to have access to. No probs - all arranged to be up and running by moving date 10/09/2015. Engineer would ring me in 2 or 3 days to confirm. ... No contact after about a week so rang BT again. Lady confirmed the order had been placed and line would be connected by 17th!. I pointed out that for a disabled user this was an unacceptable delay - lady said there was nothing to be done to expedite. I asked how to put in a complaint and was told this could only be done by letter....! I said I didnt write I wanted an email contact. I was told there was none. ......At this point I was unable to continue the conversation due to overwhelming frustration and anger....! is this 2015? Is BT the leading national communications provider? Do they not provide the broadband I would use to email my complaint - unbelievable! No prioritisation for disabled users in sheltered housing buildings - unbelievable!


I can only thnk BT get away with this poor customer service because there is literally no competition. If I could get a line connected by another service I would. 

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Re: moving house - new land line required

Hi smbowler,


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry there's a delay in getting your brothers line connected. I can appreciate how vital it is for him to have it in place. I'll be happy to take a look at this and check if there is anything we can do. Can you please send over the details? You'll get the contact link in my profile.





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