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my download speed isnt at the guaranteed level

hi all for the past 2-3 months my download speed has dropped significantly to the point of not even being able to watch youtube. my guaranteed speed is 3mbps but i usually get 10 mbps at the moment its at about 2.5mbps on and off peak times. i cant get any response at all from bt so wodered if anyone here could help thanks

below are all the specs and info you will request and yes ive tried a quiet line test and its fine


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Re: my download speed isnt at the guaranteed level

Connection time is only 2 days is that due to manual reset or router dropping connection.

have you been having problems with router dropping connection and maybe manual resets trying to get speed back but instead of getting faster speed the connection speed dropped even further?

your stats don't show noise margin but I am  sure it will be higher than the norm of 6db resulting in the lower connection speed.  I think you have actually ended up in a banded profile

if your connection remains stable for 7/10 days no drops then DLM should start to reduce noise margin and increase speed back to normal for your connection 

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Re: my download speed isnt at the guaranteed level

hi thanks for the response

every 2-3 days my router restarts itself at 2:30am ive been with bt with the same constant speed of 10mbps for about 6 years now with no problems til recently

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