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my home phone

I have BT openreach infinety. have problem with phone not working.  When you pick up phone it sounds like i am still connected to someone but im not. I have no dailing tone, but can ring out but as i cant hear anything i dont  know if i have got through to anyone.  As i rang my brother he picked it up and he could hear me but i heard nothing.  When this problem accours people can still ring my phone and ring's at my end,   the caller can hear me but i cant hear them.  It's happened again today at 13.00pm came back on again at 13.12pm.  Went again at 13.38pm and is still not working.  It happens every other week, few time's aweek or sometime's few time's aday.  One thing that used to work to get my phone working was to ring my landline via my mobile ring my landline twice hang up, pick my home phone up and i would have my dialing tone back. Having enough problems with my broadband speed, should be getting 30.2MB only getting between 6 & 7MB . Any help would be great.. Rang BT that dont know that much. Even braodband engineer i had out last week couldnt work it out how i could still make call's and recieve them but cant hear anything. Never had any problems with my landline until i changed to BT. Phone still not working, have had 2 calls but dont know who it was number withheld and cant hear nothing. Spent all my mobile credit ringing BT. have engineer coming out Sunday. Its got to the point were i have had enough.......

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Re: my home phone

Hi Shelly74


Sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your telephone service after the BT Infinity installation. If you still experience problems after the engineer visit send us an email using the contact us link in my profile.


You can copy the contact us link from the section 'About Me'.





Community ModeratorStuartH
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Re: my home phone

IListen to this one....  had a call late on Saturday by a lady from BT to inform me that my appointment for Sunday had be cancelled as she wanted to check that i still wanted an engineer out as i had concerns about calling out fee's. I thought common sense would be to ring me first to check if i still wanted engineer out rather than cancel if before hand. beggars believe. now my phone has gone down again... so has my broadband speed, broadband speed was really high yesterday. im putting in a complaint to the head of BT i have his email address. Getting no where fast

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Re: my home phone

shelly 74 why not take up the offer of help from the forum mods they have a great reputation for getting problems resolved this is a link to them
they normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 72 hours
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