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Message 1 of 8 email reactivation failing

So I have an email id of for which i received a notification that has not been used recently and will be deleted.

Using the mail management tool I reactivated this email on Saturday, when the email notification arrived, and received an email an hour or so later confirming it had been restored and was active again.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I received another email for the same issue and upon checking the mail management says it has not been used recently. That's probably correct as I cannot get hold of the person who uses the email (sadly my son is a very illusive character at the the best of times!).

so what do i need to do now do i leave it and assume the tools are wrong or do i try again and get yeat more emails regarding this.  I see this has happened elsewhere but it looks like that issue is resolved so I started a new thread.

The email is inactive at present not sure what to do. 

Any offers gratefully received.

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Re: email reactivation failing

So i decided to reactivate to see if it was just a blip just in case.

Have had the email that says it was reactivated ok!. Just to clarify I only see the but the messages say which used to be a mirror version and i assume still is.


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Re: email reactivation failing

Yes, they are totally interchangeable as email addresses.

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Re: email reactivation failing

Well as one might have assumed but hoped it was a blimp yet again the emails arrived and the email has been reset to delete in X days.

@SeanD , Sorry i saw your name on the list available to me is this an ongoing issue that's known about and being addressed. I'm happy if this is known and its being fixed. As I said above it seems to reset itself almost immediately I can override my son's email passwords but to be fair to him and his privacy i shouldn't have to do this or worse go in there and make sure there is an email sent or received by him - or should I.

Hopefully someone can add some clarity as to why this happening or even better make sure the email management is effective against the openworld moniker breaking the reset.

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Re: email reactivation failing

Hi @unwina sorry that the reactivation didn't work. I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you with this.



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Re: email reactivation failing

Thanks to the offline BT team for sorting this out for me quicker than they suggested, however, whilst its been fixed this time i'm not sure it was fixed permanently for the next time. From my experience of data and software both when I worked for BT and since leaving BT it was potentially fixed too quickly without adequate explanation of what was fixed and if it was even permanent. My instinct is that this will be back in 30/60/90 days or so if my son does not have cause or capability to use it again in the time window.

I could be wrong and I hope I am but it seems to me that the email maybe sitting underneath the openworld level and the btinternet management etc is sitting on top. The online management is geared to the btinternet level and it's only the btinternet level that is manageable and the notification are not passed down to the openworld level. If this is the case and i'm happy to be wrong but I think next time if it's not been connected correctly it will just be the same again. If this is the case at some point BT or the creators of the BTEmail system will eventually sort it correctly to save ongoing manual data fixes.

We'll see - I'll leave this a few more days before accepting it as finished in case I get more failed emails. 

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Re: email reactivation failing

Spoke too soon yesterday,

It's not fixed after all!

Identical eMails came back this morning and the management system is now reporting the same may deletion date. I have sent a private message to @JohnC2 who took control last week. There are additional problem in that the fault was also removed before the fails stated again. They seemed to take a bit longer than when I reactivated but it may just the time of week etc.

This needs to be fixed as my son is a vulnerable person who spends quite long periods in hospitals up and down the country and usually does not have access to phones or computers a lot of the time.


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Re: email reactivation failing

So this seems to have been fixed by the back end email team resetting further flags as my son still cannot get access to his email to force the system to reset. Does beg the question what is the managers reactivation option actually for if one does not go back in immediately, within hours, and access the email. 

Not everyone can of course do this but that's another story i guess.

Anyway its fixed for the time being.


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