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need help please

well my infintiy and phone line went down last thursday so phoned them up and got told there was a fault with the line in our area so thought ok,3 days later still no fix but according to them they had fixed it but still no phone or broadband,so phoned again and engineer came out thursday the 27th,said the line was ok but wanted to run some checks so after going to the exchange and the poles he done the connections again and line came on with broadband but line was very crackling and he said it was the filter but couldnt change it as it was the broadband section and he was phone,after he left the internet was on for 30 muinutes then of again it went but phone line was on but very bad connection,phoned them up again and they keep saying there is a fault with the line but when they come out they say there isnt,any advice please as now my broadband is going down every 5 minutes

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Re: need help please

You will need to contact the moderators, they will take personal ownership over your case until resolved.


You can contact them here, they normally respond within 3 working days.

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Re: need help please

thankyou for the advice

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