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need help to share files over the internet

hi i tried two software aafileshare and purplenova and aafileshare is set up right but it say unp tcp udp are blocked even though i set the bt infinty routers to allow them??


i set the port range 1 to 161 because i did a port test and that was the only port open so i ran aafileshare and it still was block i didnt set the translate as in port setting so ifi put 1 to 80 and then translate as what do i put in there??


i tried to turn firewall off and still no luck


so people can someone advise me a spftware i share with friends over the internet that is simliar to remote uploading?? and doesnt need a password for people to access it


please help i tried everything iam on windows vista and cant shre files with the file hosts through http it seems bt has deleratley blocked it to stop filesharing or so it seems



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Re: need help to share files over the internet



The " no password " bit is probably the stumbling block for you.


It sounds to me that you are looking to have an SSH connection between your pals and your PC.


This can be done by using a key pair where there is a " public key " and a " private key " on the PC's concerned.


I'm not a Windoz person so can't offer anything else other than suggest  you Google " Windows SSH " or something like that.  Smiley Sad



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Re: need help to share files over the internet

still rubbish bt can stick there bt infinty up there **bleep** it wont allow me to do anything itried 5 software and it been blocked unless some bt tec can help me set up and allow me to access port 80 with funcaster then it going back if i pay for the interneti expect to be able to do things with anyway i noticed bthomehub got spyware in it if they send you message when your bill is due then they r spying on you hence police state


iam looking for another provider they can stick it up there **bleep**

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Re: need help to share files over the internet

Hi there is no spyware in the hh Bt send you your bill on a regular date automatically just like any other regular bill does
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