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never any deals for existing customers just for new :(

why do BT never do us existing customers any decent deals ?  i am on Unlimited BT Infinity 1 been on it about 2 years now

and my contract just about to end i noticed BT were doing deals for new customers for nearly 50% that what i am paying i phoned asking about trying to get better deal to renew and was unable to get any deals at all was like like it or lump it


my g/f is with sky and they bent over backwards to give her a better deal to renew and to stay with them is BT at a stage were they dont care about us existing customers ?

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Re: never any deals for existing customers just for new :(

Did you try Customer Options on   0800 800 030 ?

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Re: never any deals for existing customers just for new :(

There is no need for BT to offer any great deals to get you to stay with them. They have six million customers, the vast majority of which will not even question their renewal costs let alone consider moving to a different supplier. For every one that does move there will be a new customer signing up with the "cheap deals" who when their contract is up, will go onto the higher tariff and not bother moving so it all balances out as far as BT are concerned.


You may be able to get some thing off, perhaps £5 a month or something similar if you contact the number Keith gave but I wouldn't be surprised if you get nothing other than offered a "new" Homehub for free but you will need to pay the postage. In my opinion the Homehub is not worth having even if they paid you to take it so I wouldn't see that as a great offer.

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Re: never any deals for existing customers just for new :(

Infinity customers aren't in such a good position to haggle as BT's prices aren't so excessive when compared with their rivals.  Plain old ADSL is a different matter as BT's prices are way out of line and they know it.


The more serious you are about leaving, the more likely you are to get a good deal.  Check out the options available, and phone up Customer Options or Cancellations.  You actually need to be prepared to leave if you don't get a better deal - and make sure they know it.


I haven't paid the "correct" price for broadband for years (but then I'm still on ADSL because it's fast enough for me).

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