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new customer

Hi, could someone please help me.


I have my phone and broadband through another company, i was so unhappy with their service after i informed them i was moving house that i decided to return to BT as they promised a much better service.


I have had to pay £135 to come out of the contract early with the previous provider but i thought it was worth it as BT promised me everything the other company couldn't.


Previous company wanted £49.99 for the privilege of staying loyal to them and reconnecting me at my new address, they would not let me take the same phone number with me and were telling me the earliest they could reconnect me was 1st march.


BT said they would connect me for free,let me keep the same phone number and connect me on 24th feb.


Brilliant, i cancelled old provider (and paid £135) and signed up with BT


now today, i happened to check my progress on line to see that my connection date is now been put back to the 4th March and i have a totally different phone number. So now i am worse off than i was with old provider and £135 lighter :womansad:


I would be grateful if someone can look in to this for me and change it back to the original agreed terms.


Thank you


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Re: new customer

The only people on forum who could help are the mods who work for bt


Contact Mods at
include a link to this topic account number and phone number

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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