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new infinity order - service?

i ordered infinity 12/06 and install was to be 21/06. No engineer showed up and no phone call. made complaint. full reply by email - key points -appointment cancelled by bt wholesale due to shortage of staff. Supposed to have a process in place to contact customer - failed on this occasion - lesson learned etc..


New appointment for yesterday. Guess what? No engineer again and no phone call.


For a communications business, this is so poor, I really can't find the words!


What DO you have to do to get Infinity. Two days wasted - almost. As luck would have it, I'd arranged for John Lewis to deliver goods to me. THEY not only turned up when expected but rang before hand to say they were on their way. Why can't BT be more like John Lewis?


No third time lucky appointment yet. I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth it. Shall I cancel and forget infinity? If I do, I'll leave BT for good.


Regards, A very frustrated customer.   

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Re: new infinity order - service?

Tbh it sounds like what happened to me bt and openreach don't seem to be able to contact each other which for tele communications firms is a bit of a joke.

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