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Re: new to BT when using VPN really slows it down

A VPN creates a virtual network that encrypts your data, your ISP know how much data is being passed over their network, they can't see what that data is, of course it can also be used for making your location look like you're elsewhere, handy for accessing regional locked content etc.

If you're connecting over public networks, it stops your data being intercepted, I used one in my old role, we had a VPN setup so that when accessing company servers, only the VPN server IP was whitelisted, no VPN running and I couldn't access the servers, good for security.

Like anything they can be used for good and evil purposes.

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Re: new to BT when using VPN really slows it down


I am aware of what a VPN is and does and what the majority of home users use them for such as accessing USA Netflix and games etc. While nothing is 100% secure VPNs do have encryption so I would not say they are far from secure. 

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