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no hd channels youview box

Just recieved a new yourtv box on installation hd channels on box and tv breaking up , checked all usual stuff, reset etc, checking the signal strength reader on the box could see the reading was low, but i know the aerial is o.k. and works when plugged into t.v. direct, in desperation i pulled out one of the leads in hdmi sockets and the signal went up, tried this several times and it worked o.k. the strange thing is the lead i unplugged goes to dvd player, now it working with that unplugged, but no idea why this would happen, any technical experts?

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Re: no hd channels youview box

Because the Youview box has twin tuners it needs a higher signal strength and quality than your tv that has a single tuner.

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Re: no hd channels youview box

But why would removing hdmi lead effect the signal, this lead was connected to dvd player not connected to yourview box.

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Re: no hd channels youview box

It's probably affecting the power levels around the loop and taking power from the aerial loop. I've got a similar issue, if I plug into our internal loop system to push Freeview to the bedroom the signal strength stays the same but the quality drops and we lose HD channels

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Re: no hd channels youview box

Thank you Nigel, makes more sense now.
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Re: no hd channels youview box

update: with hdmi lead disconnected..... HD on you view box is o.k.
HD channels on tv unwatchable.
HD CHANNELS on tv when aerial plugged in direct o.k.
as mentioned the hdmi lead unplugged goes to dvd player, so still a bit baffled but we can watch HD channels on the youview box but not the tv.
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