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old accounts on my bt causing a issue

Recently come back to BT, was previously with BT when i worked for them a few years ago. When ive gone on My BT to claim gift card, check for Family Sim packages and ensure billing is all set up etc, its showing 4 accounts, 2 ive never seen before, the old employee account and then my new one. The main issue is that when im selecting the new account on the top right corner, its not staying on that account, whenever i try and go back to my bt etc its reverting to the closed account.

Any one got a clue how i resolve this issue?

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Re: old accounts on my bt causing a issue

Hi @browny1982 

Welcome to the BT Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry for the older accounts showing on your BT ID.  You can speak to my colleagues in the helpdesk on 0800 800 150 who can remove the accounts you no longer use.

Post back and let me know how you get on chatting with them.



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