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Re: only freeview

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Have you downloaded the BT TV app to your phone or tablet? I haven't kept up to speed with the latest Now TV packages so I'm not sure whether you get the channels on the BT app or the Now TV app. Either way, if you can log in and watch on a mobile device that would indicate whether it may be an account issue or not.

It seems odd that the apps such as iPlayer won't run, I'd suggest calling BT as it sounds as if your account hasn't been set up correctly.

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Re: only freeview

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thanks for reply 

funny enough

i can get the suscription channels through a now tv application

just not on my bt box.

ive tried calling only to be on hold over 1 hour due to how busy they are 

i hung up in end

and was why i opted to post here instead.


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Re: only freeview

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In short, your BT TV account is linked to your Now TV account, so you pay BT who then effectively purchase the Now Tv pass on your behalf.

If you can watch Now TV through the app then you can watch it on a smart TV (providing the Now TV app is available for your TV), the only advantage the BT box gives you is the ability to record.

Not an ideal solution for a long term fix but maybe in the short term until things get back to normal? 

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Re: only freeview

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@Billyfitzs1983 Hi, and sorry you're having problems.


Are you still getting BTP-115c or IPC6015?

If so, you've unfortunately hit a known issue which we are currently working with priority, sorry about that 



To fix it, you need to carry out a factory reset using the following steps:

UI Factory Reset

-Press the blue home button your remote

-Scroll along to settings, press OK

-Scroll down to factory reset, press OK

-Press OK on reset

Note: This will delete your recordings, if you have recordings you wish to keep, please follow the below advice:


Maintenance Mode Factory Reset (From turned OFF state)

  1. Turn the power on using the switch found on the back of your box. A red light should appear on the front

  2. Press and hold the down arrow button on the top of the box for 5 seconds until you see the Enter Maintenance Mode Y/N (Y:POWER) prompt. The box light will turn blue

  3. Press the power button on the top of the box

  4. The box should now enter maintenance mode

  5. Choose your preferred option from the Maintenance Mode Options below and follow the on screen instructions

Also worth noting that 1 factory reset may not fix your problem and you may need to carry out another one.

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Re: only freeview

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Thanks for your help

i tried these steps and its all working now

thankyou very much to you and also everyone who has contributed



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Re: only freeview

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Great to hear it's all sorted @Billyfitzs1983. Thanks for letting us know.

All the best


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