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Re: openzone login doesn't work after disabling fon -is that a mistake?

@kc1 wrote:

@toekneem wrote:

Where did you pay for Openzone.

According to BT marketing BS it is "included" in my monthly Infinity subscription, - apparently not

Hi, it is quite clear that you only get free wi fi as long as your OPTED IN.
 You are opted in as a new subscriber, it was your choice to OPT OUT.



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Re: openzone login doesn't work after disabling fon -is that a mistake?

@kc1 wrote:

@AllanQuatermain wrote:

I cant understand why 8 neighbours and 2 schools would want to connect via the small part of your bandwidth assigned to Fon when they are presumably BT customers themselves.


My guess is log ins 'borrowed' from family / friends


I would be very suprised if two schools did this. Most schools use the local education authorities Learning Network, which has lots of security built in to stop children accessing unsuitable sites. I know that in some schools its not even possible to run a simple google search. To have open internet access such as this would see a school being placed straight away into "Special Measures" in an OFSTED inspection, for putting children at risk, with a competence issue for the schools IT co-ordinator member of staff. The small amount of bandwidth available on Fon would'nt be much use for English/Maths software, as it relies on a lot of graphics, sound etc...
It is a strong sigal, I have 3 WNDR4000s
How does this router give out a Fon signal: is it set up as a repeater with hub v3?
Easy - turn FON on, bandwith drops to 22 mbps, turn it off, goes back to 35 - oh and when I turned it off, neighbour asked if I could turn it back on so she could finish her ocado shopping
It can take up to 72 hours to enable/disable Fon, do you do this by unplugging the v3 router and just running the other [non] BT router?
...none of which is the point, though...  I was hoping somebody could confirm either way, whether I am supposed to be able to get Openzone access with Fon switched off or not.  If not, the marketing is wrong
Fon is either opted into or out off, as far as I know we, the customers cannot turn it on or offIf opted into Fon, then BTOZ is available [10,000 minutes pcm], if opted out, both are not available, except by paying a seperate charge, which seems pointless if its available free as a BT BB customer. The marketing seems pretty clear about this.


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Re: openzone login doesn't work after disabling fon -is that a mistake?

Yes, if you disable BT FON, you also lose access to BT Openzone access points and FON/Fon Hero/Fonera access points abroad.


The 512 bandwidth is definitely shared between anybody connected to BT FON on your router. It's not 512 per connection.


Also, no schools are logging onto your BT FON/OZ network. I lolled when I read that. The distance of the WiFi being broadcast by your router is pretty pitiful. Only IMMEDIATE neighbours should be able to connect, and even then they may expect drops and the odd problem.


Sounds like a possible wetware problem, rather than any surrounding hardware.

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