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over 4 weeks no landline and no broadband

I am trying to help my parents who live less than 1 mile up the road

For over 4 weeks they have had no landline and no broadband.

They have reported the issue several times - but still no progress.

They care for a dependant 15 miles away and its very tricky with no landline

BT offer 1 number for complaints/issues but there seems to be no progress

Reasons given is the severe weather in north wales? We dont live anywhere near North Wales, but there hasnt been any severe weather there in last 4 weeks anyway?

Now there is 1 business 50 yards from my parents house and another house opposite. Both have working landlines? So why do they work but not my parents.

My parents realy are at their wits end, and all they get from the fault line is that it is in hand?

Surely BT must accpet that this is appaling customer service?

2 days ago was last contact - when they were promised a call back the next day. But BT failed to call again.

It has cost a small fortune to stay in contact via their mobiles and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel.

Is there anyway to esculate this complaint above the standard fault line?

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Re: over 4 weeks no landline and no broadband


I am sorry to see you are having problems with your BT Service


I suggest you contact the forum mods they should be able to get your problem sorted for you this is a link to them

They normally reply by email or phone directly to you within 3 working days they will take personal ownership of your problem until resolved and will keep you informed of progress

They are a UK based BT specialist team who have a good record at getting problems solved

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