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permissions reqd by app for smartalk

can anyone explain why the permissions for the smart talk app are so obtrusive to personal things? has anyone read them? i have and there is no way on this earth i would accept them like it can read your txt messages it can monitor delete sent messages without you seeing them it can read call log data you give the app permisson to save your call log data and malicious may also share without your knowledge it can reroute outgoing calls and change the number to be dialled you are giving the app permission to redirect or prevent an outgoing call why??????? what is a sticky broadcast it can send them the broadcast can remain and it can the phone even making it unstable by causing it to use to much memory who the hell from bt has allowed this???? has anyone else read them btwere usless when i phoned them spoke to people in india one said download it from it okay then **bleep**! it takes you to the google market which is the only way to get it if someone could explain to me from bt what ALL THE PERMISSIONS mean and are same i may consider downloading this app if not i am avoiding it like the plague hope to hear what others have to say many thanks tim

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