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phone issues/ poor servce..

i have had 2 phone and braodband engineer's out to my home.


1st issue i had was crackling on my phone line, BT did a line check no fault found, told me it was coming from inside my house, engineer came out to discover fault was 500 meter's away from my hosue.


I had issue with my landline again and was meant to have an engineer out on the 6th November but was canceled, they cancelled it rebooked it for the 9th November, even the line check found no fault and was told yet again that fault was coming from inside my house, engineer who came out found fault 515 meters away from my house.


My phoneline is playing up again on saturday, rang BT engineer was booked for yesterday between 1pm-6pm. Never turned up... no call.....Rang BT was put on hold while operator tried to get through to an engineer, was told that an engineer was working on my line, but never lost my internet. The 3 other's time's that i had engineer's out working on my line my interent went down while they were working on it. Then was told he could book engineer for the 29th November, but if there was an engineer working on my line why do i need to make another appointment? The 2 phone and 1 broadband engineer's i have had out to my home have all said they is no fault in my home. The operator rang me back to say line check came back fine, so did the other 2 line check's but engineer's found fault's 500 and 515 meter's away.


I have written my complaint's letter as i have been advised...just wait now...


The service i have had, well, cant censor on here can you lol!!!


Anyone on here had issue with the engineer's or fault's that havent shown up on line check's???

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Re: phone issues/ poor servce..

HI - I would refer you to my post on this forum:


My problem was almost idenical to yours although a noisy line following rain, was the main problem. It was a complaint to Warren Buckley and this forum which got me effective action. 


British Telecommunications plc.

Warren Buckley

Managing Director, Customer Service

81 Newgate Street London EC1A 7AJ

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Re: phone issues/ poor servce..

Hi shelly74,

Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with your phone line.

We can look into this for you, please send us your details through our "Contact us" form and one of the mods will get back to you.

You can get the form by clicking on my username, it’s under "About me" (top-left of the profile page).


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Re: phone issues/ poor servce..

My phone been going down for a few minutes every other week. It went down at 6.30pm tonight and is still down. Cant ring using mobile no credit +cost too much even if i had credit.  So i am now going to have to put in an offical compliant, has been ongoing issue since September 2011.  Can anyone tell where i can  find the address and who i send my letter too? All i have found on the internet is the CEO of Openreach and the CEO of BT email address's.  But i want to put my compliant in writing to BT first before i go down that road.



Many thanks


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Re: phone issues/ poor servce..


I see from some of your earlier posts:  that it was suggested that you contact the mods, but i cannot find anywhere that you did. If you did not, why not contact them and give them a chance to sort it out.


If you fill in this form: with a link back to your post for ref, the mods will get back to you. It can take up to 3 days ( sometimes longer in busy periods), and they will contact you direct via phone or email.


You can still complain if you cannot get it solved to your satisfaction.



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Re: phone issues/ poor servce..

I wouldn't waste your time writing a letter/e-mail to the CEO of Openreach because it will just be turned back to you to take up with your provider. You can write to the CEO of BT but they will probably send the letter down the chain to the regular complaints teams because CEO level complaints are normally reserved for people in powerful or important positions, i.e. high ranking MP's or a newspaper editor or TV exectutive.

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