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phone line/Infinity huge problems. Mods please help me sort it out!

My wife has residential broadband. I have been told i have to go via here or the phone first. As I don't think I could cope with the script junkies on the phone, I hope the mods here can help.


Since having the line installed, we have had constant issues with it. It started with Infinity constantly disconnecting, perhaps 5-10 times per day, and I was only achieving speeds of up to 25Mbps. 


Since then, we have had another business line installed and when the OR engineer came to fit this, we mentioned about the problems with the first line. They could see there was an issue and proceeded to replace master socket, and the drop wire from the pole. Unfortuantely this has not fixed anything. 


Recently, i'm lucky if we get more than 50% of the day with the internet connected, and the noise on the phone line is ridiculous, it's not constant but it's now more frequent than ever. I can't hold a conversation with anyone on the phone as it's impossible to hear anything and it's just painful to listen to. 


I should note that the second business line is working fine with both phone and broadband. 


I have also run the phone from the test socket on the latest mk 4 master socket and the same noise issue occurs. Now, when the internet DOES work, i get anywhere from 6-20Mbps, usually 6. 


Please note that I am an ex network engineer, I have done all the tests I need to, I am running with an extensive network internally, the Infinity is terminated at a Ubiquiti USG device which is rock solid reliable, but I have tested with the original HH5 just to satisfy the testing requirements. Obviously this would not have anything to do with the noise on the line anway, which I am sure is the root of the problems. I'd like to get the circuit investigated from the Master socket back to the cabinet to see where there is an issue as I cannot continue with the service as it is at the moment. 


Please can a mod look into this asap?



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Re: phone line/Infinity huge problems. Mods please help me sort it out!

If you have a noisy line you simply need to call 151, report and fault and have an engineer attend.

Being an ex engineer you should know that a noisy line is going to be the cause of the broadband issues and this needs to be resolved first.

It's really not difficult to get an engineer visit arranged if you confirm to the agen on the 151 helpdesk that you've connected to the test socket and are still getting an intermittent noisy line.

By the time a mod picked this up and got to your email in the queue you could have already had an engineer attend if you were to call 151 now...

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Re: phone line/Infinity huge problems. Mods please help me sort it out!

ok im aware it would be the cause of the probem, i just didn't think it would be that easy to get an engineer. I will give it a try.

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