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port Forwarding DHCP Table resetting on static IP's

Hello All.


I have been trying to setup the Home Hub 5 so I can remotely access my PC from the laptop while away on work. Usually, this is not a difficult thing to setup and manage but I have recently moved to BT and was told this would not be a problem to setup on the Home Hub 5.


I have set everything up and tested it and all worked fine. However, when I got up in the morning and tried to turn on my PC then, nothing happened. I then realised that the DHCP table reset, even when there's a static IP set and the DMZ is set to forward to the correct PC.


As the PC is not listed in the DHCP table any more due to it resetting after, I think about 20 minutes, the router isn't seeing the PC available and therefore, wont push the special packet to the PC to turn it on. As I said, this only works while the PC is listed in the DHCP table.


Is there a way to fix this resetting so that I can make this work for longer than just the first 20 minutes since the PC is turned off?


I did try to speak to BT support but they just wanted to know if my broadband was working fine and please go to expert support at £10 subscription a month and they will help you!


Cheers in advance.



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Re: port Forwarding DHCP Table resetting on static IP's

These pages should help. Its not advised to use the DMZ.


Port forwarding problems


CCTV and IP cameras - port forwarding

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Re: port Forwarding DHCP Table resetting on static IP's

Thanks for the post. 


I'm just trying to find setup information so I can log in using teamviewer and access the PC when I am away. This used to be easy to setup prior to going to BT and their Home Hub 5. 


I'm presuming it's now not possible to use "wake on LAN (WOL)" using this modem/router. There doesn't seem to be a manual and the BT broadband support team doesn't seem to know anything either. If the broadband is connected, that's about it from them so it appears from numerous calls.



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